Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located? 

We are a pop-up experience, meaning we are mobile, You pick the location and we'll be there to set up.

Do you scout for locations?

Unfortunately, we do not scout for locations. That is your responsibility. With that being said, we recommend backyards (personal homes), apartment building rooftops, big public parks, etc. 

What is the booking process? 

Request Booking --> Approved --> Price Quote Sent --> Submit Security Deposit --> DONE!

You can view our availabilities through our website and put in a request for a certain date + time. You should hear back from us within 48 hours if the request has been approved or denied. We will then send over a price quote for the services and asks for you to make your security deposit. Once the security deposit has been received, your booking should be all set to go. 


How long is set up & break down?

Depending on your package and the location you decide on, the setup time can be between 1-2 hours. Please allow that block of time for our team to set up prior to your requested time. Breakdown typically takes 1 hour or less. 

If I have a custom theme, can you accomodate? 

Yes, In the booking tab, there is an "Event Planning Consultation" option. Let's talk about your vision, budget, and timeline for execution! Pricing varies for this event planning service.