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Intimate Moments

Let us make your next occasion a little more special with an Intimate Igloo. We'll provide the ambiance and you just bring the smiles.

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The Naked Igloo is a blank canvas for you to create the intimate moment that you envision.


Let us create the ambiance. This igloo comes furnished with seating up to 8 guests. 

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Have your cake and eat it too! This package includes furnishing and all of the fun add-ons. 

Photo Oct 04, 4 18 14 AM.jpg


Made in the USA

Resistant to wind, snow, rain

Height 7'2 | Diameter 11.79 | Base Area 107 Sq. ft.

Door + 2 windows



Made in the USA/EU

Frame made of aluminum

aerospace aluminium 6063

Height 7'2 | Diameter 11.79 | Base Area 107 Sq. ft.

10 Columns



Established 2020

Washington, DC

Intimate Igloo was founded by Vy Luu, a commercial real estate broker, graduate student, and entrepreneur spirit. Vy has always been the infamous “party planner” amongst her group of friends as she’s never been short of cultivating elaborate parties, gatherings, and events. This side passion was never “stressful” for her, as it gave her a sense of fulfillment and happiness.


Why? Because, the mere sense of excitement, smiles, and laughter that were being exchanged made everything worth it. She continues to throw unique events and create memories for years to come. With her “out-of-the-box” thinking, Intimate Igloo was born.


The first of its kind, Intimate Igloo is the very first event rental business to provide cozy Igloos for rent. Whether you are hosting a large-scale event (weddings, corporate events, non-profit gala, and more) to more intimate gatherings (birthdays, date nights, proposals, and more) we are here to make all events a little more intimate.  




Let's get to know each other. Tell us what you are looking for and your idea! We would love to hear from you.

(301) 366-6638


Proudly serving:

Washington, DC


Northern Virginia

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